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We are a Research, Advisory and Knowledge Process Outsourcing  firm, aiding a global set of clientele achieve higher growth and profitability  through our decision support and business support services. We help you  choose the right, research driven, business decisions and we deliver high  quality and cost effective business support services that enable you to focus  on your core revenue generating activities.

Business Support

Business support services can be one-off or continuous. 

Global Oceanics provides the services on a best-of-effort . The client can  request for updates/progress calls at pre-agreed periodic intervals over  email, skype or telephone.

We believe in the quality of our work and back our belief through monetary  incentives for the client.

Market Potential and Market Entry Strategy

Building on the basic business research, we evaluate the potential of a new  market/for a new firm to enter an existing market. If a significant  opportunity exists, we study the structure of individual operations of the  client, match it against the ideal structure for the market and recommend the  optimum short- and medium-term market entry strategy.

Decision Support Services

Which new markets do I enter? How do I  ensure that my business model is suited to  cater to the local needs of a new market?  How do I re-organize my business design to fare better against my competitors? Which  technology systems will help me improve  operational efficiencies? Should I invest in an  industry/company? How do I match up  against the industry best practices? How do I  adapt to the recessionary and heightened  regulatory environment?

Business managers deal with hundreds of  questions and decisions. We support you in  arriving at informed decisions through our  reports, research and advisory services.  Contact us.

Business Support Services

Are you hard pressed for time? Are you an  independent entrepreneur looking to create a  powerful business plan to help get your idea  off the ground? Are you unable to find  qualified personnel in your local markets? Do  your budgetary constraints stop you from  hiring high quality resources in your local  markets? Are you a knowledge based firm  looking to test the Indian market before a  formal entry?  

We provide high quality and cost effective  outsourced business support services from  India to cater to most of your needs. Our  target clientele include the global top 500  firms, SMEs and independent entrepreneurs,  consultants and professionals. Contact us


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