Decision Support Services

Market Potential and Market Entry Strategy

Building on the basic business research, we  evaluate the potential of a new market/for a  new firm to enter an existing market. If a  significant opportunity exists, we study the  structure of individual operations of the client,  match it against the ideal structure for the  market and recommend the optimum short-  and medium-term market entry strategy.

Re-engineering of Business Processes

We understand the potency of technology to  transform business operations and deliver  increased efficiency, improved quality and  decreased costs. In some cases, technology  can provide medium term competitive  advantage to a business. We work closely  with clients to guide them through technology  platform based business process re-engineering, and help them with 3rd party BPO  vendor selection process if outsourcing is the  choice.

IT Product/Vendor Selection

We evaluate the capabilities of different IT  products/services vendors to meet the  business and budget needs of clients and  guide them through the complete selection  process. In the products' space, our primary  expertise lays in banking and capital market  (sell-side and buy-side) domains.

Due Diligence

We provide detailed audit of an acquisition  target including analysis of the growth and  competitive prospects for the  industry/market, its market presence,  competitive strengths, financial health and  valuation. Our primary expertise lies in  financial services and technology vendor  domains across NA, Europe and India.

Business Support Services

Business Plans

A business plan that succinctly and clearly  expresses the market, financial and operational  aspects and the potential economic returns of  your ground breaking new business or  expansion strategy, plays a critical role in  obtaining funding. We create winning business  plans and provide you with last mile support,  including presenting to potential  investors/lenders.

M&A Pre-deal to Deal Support

We provide an entire range of services for  boutique M&A firms - analysis of the size and  growth, competitive and profitability dimensions  of the market/industry, preparation of  marketing pitch for winning the mandate,  identification of potential acquirers/targets, due  diligence and valuation of target, preparation of  investment memorandum and structuring of  deals.

Executive Support

We provide a host of quick, cost effective and  high quality executive support services to upper  management of clients including preparation of presentations to investors/stakeholders/board /conference  audience, financial reporting, preparation of  RFIs, RFPs and proposals, CRM and sales  management system support, marketing  mailers, press releases and more.

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