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11 Years of Experience

Launched in June 2009, we are a group of consultants, analysts, technologists and knowledge processing industry veterans that have come together to provide outsourced knowledge based services to clients across the globe.

We have the necessary ammunition to deliver high quality services - qualifications from some of the top educational institutions such as the Indian Institutes of Management and the Indian Institutes of Technology and professional stints in Top 3 firms in each of the consulting, IT services and Knowledge Process Outsourcing domains.


Always Striving For More

We bring in a wide array of experience in solving complex business and technology problems and/or  providing outsourced knowledge processing support to the top 50 - top 5000 global firms, as well as  individuals - entrepreneurs, professionals, personal financial advisors and independent consultants.

We take pride in our quality of work and hope you choose to work with us. You will like it!

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